Medellin joins the international tourist day celebration

Medellin joins the international tourist day celebration
This celebration begins whit a sport integration event of the tourist sector in the city of medellin to develop in the month of september in order to commemorate the international tourist day (september 27).
It born for reactivate play activities and recreationals focused to promote integration of the tourist sector of the city and whit the participation of all companies and institutions linked to the sector.
This is a excelent oportunity for explore the great variety of tourist sities the city offers for all visitors, because is the best way to spend the time in family enjoying of healthy environments, confortables and for all the tastes, counting whit options for everybody, because although the city of medellin is associated predominantly with industrial activities and comercials, the artistic and cutural life of the city is varied and is partly reflected in its museums.
Also, is the colombian city whit most quantity of standing sculptures, wich it makes in all a museum to the outdoors. For those not fit in as cultural plan they can find in shoping in Medellin a real fantasy: in a emvironment of comfort and safety the visitors find a real offert of sities where, according to their tastes and trends, they can find quality, variety, prices and schedules accompanied allways of the most warm and excellent service, this without leave aside the presence of the fauna and flora feature of Medellin, the city of the eternal spring whit tours by: The traditional Nutibara Hill, The Little Paisa Town built in 1977, wich is replica in miniature of a typical antioqueño town of earlys of XX century, has a parish house, the town hall, the school, the barberia, the tavern, the store, the typical house and the other housing that complement the square cobblestone, the zoo park santa fe, wich harbor a population of 1.000 animals species originating of america and from anothers continents, a old house that serves as a museum and a butterfly.
Foundation Botanic Garden Joaquín Antonio Uribe, has a Orquideorama of large proportion whit samples of this flower, emblem of colombia. Eco park hill El Volador, the current lung of Medellin, wich has a arqueological pieces museum.
Wich plans and options for all tastes Medellin becomes the best showcase of Colombia, providing all our guests the oportunity of being in a true paradise.