Guatapé, a place that has become the number one tourist destination of Antioquia, thanks to its beautiful views and landscapes, visited daily by local and foreign tourists. To make your trip more pleasant we offer you the vehicle rental service Medellin in the vehicle of your choice. This tour can be done in just one and a half hours from Medellín, in Guatapé you will find countless things to do.
An excursion that you can take aboard one of our cars for rent in Medellín or Rio Negro, Guatapé is a charming little town that is known as the Town of the Zocalos. It is known this way because the base of the houses has sockets that adorn them with very colorful designs and motifs with animals, flowers, symbols, and everyday scenes that represent the life of the town.
The town has a lot of color. In addition to the baseboards the balconies, the doors, the windows and many walls of the houses are painted with bright colors that give a very cheerful atmosphere to the people.
Guatapé is located on the shore of the reservoir and offers many possibilities for water sports and outdoor activities. You can do Kayaking, horseback riding, climbing, sailing, cruising the reservoir, fishing, mountain biking routes and zip-line, all in the company of our Medellin Executive Rent a Car rental cars.
Do not waste your time touring this region in public transport. With Medellin car rental that offers executive rent a car you can maximize your travel time and enjoy more of your vacation.
Find our rionegro car rental office in the local Newfoundland mall 7 in front of the José María Córdoba airport and in Medellín in the 9th street Nº43ª 31 office 5.